1994 and 1996 Newquay Zoo maps

1995/6 Newquay Zoo map
This should tally with the late 1996 Guide Book.



19934 NZ map.jpg
1994 Map 


1993 / 1994 map


Front of the 1996 map guide 

In 1996 the first new Zoo Guide for several years was published, after several years of rebuilding parts of the original 1969-1993 Council run Newquay Zoo. The 1996 featured a Black Lemur on the front and was used for about 5 to 6 years.


1996 Guide book – first for the  zoo under private ownership 



In between the 1970s/ 80s guide books and the new 1996 Guide book with colour map , a series of maps were available.


These simple printed A4 guide maps  are quite useful in looking how areas of the site have changed.

Our Zoo Archive store shed has had a bit of a leaky roof and damp problems recently, so now we are transferring these records and photos to our Education buildings where it will be easier to catalogue what we have.

For example the 1993/4 map lists Macaws where Tippy’s Café / Lazy Lions Grill is now located. Macaws were on this site in 1987/9. I remember this mostly as home to escapologist Banded Mongooses by 1995/6 before its rebuild in 1996 to Tippy’s seasonal cafe. https://newquayzoohistory.wordpress.com/2017/06/

In looking through boxes of photos handed over from Council run Newquay Zoo to Privately owned zoo (1993-2003), there is this blossomy picture of the temporary Scarlet Macaw enclosure. An aviary is listed on this area earlier in the 1980s but in 1969 it was listed as an otter pool, next to the sea lions (where the penguins now live).


Macaws on Tippys cafe site early 1990s
Note the handwritten Sign for Scarlet Macaws! 1980s to early 1990s This by 1996 had become Tippys Café, now renamed Lazy Lions Grill (2017). 


22. Mongooses on the 1996 Guide Book map (drawn by Mike Thomas?)



Maps like this help to tally in with stray photos or slide transparencies and negatives in out collection. This is all part of working towards our 50th anniversary in May 2019.

More nuggets or snippets of Newquay Zoo history  to look forward to each month throughout 2018 and 2019.

Happy Christmas from Newquay Zoo Archives!

Christmas past 2001 https://newquayzoohistory.wordpress.com/2016/12/

Blogposted by Mark Norris, Newquay Zoo.




A Tyger at Newquay Zoo?

Newquay Zoo’s only ever Tyger …

This Tyger poem by William Blake was one of several animal poems put up in 2003 just before or whilst the Zoo Federation  (now BIAZA) held its AGM here at Newquay Zoo in 2003 (the same year the Fossas arrived).

Fourteen years later this poem and its Rousseau painting of a Tyger has survived, the other animal poems from Walker Books’ anthology Birds Beasts and Fishes have all faded and gone, whilst  our last Fossa Harry left for the UAE this year …


An ivy clad aviary wall with Tyger … just round the corner from Tippy’s,  Penguins / Lions / Former Fossa house areas  June 2017.


Bye Bye Harry marking Harry the Fossa’s departure for the UAE Summer 2017.


This summer  Tippy’s  our top small cafe was renamed the Lazy Lion(s) Grill (c. June 2017) .

Another bit of Newquay Zoo history …


Tippy’s is named after the white tipped ears of our first male Tapir who arrived c. 1995/6 and lived next to Tippy’s where our Tapirs still live and breed.

tippys 1999
Tippy’s the small cafe as it was when first built c. 1996


I have  tracked down a picture of Tippy the Tapir to post here from our 1996 Guidebook


tippy the tapir 1996 guidebook
Tippy our first young male Tapir who arrived c. 1995/6 gave his name to our smaller café – based on the white tips on his ears!


Blogposted by Mark Norris, Newquay Zoo History blog, June 2017.