Newquay Zoo Paw Prints Newsletter No. 5 for Summer 1997

Editorial by Mike Thomas – a lot of work to write about. 

PP5 P2 SUM 1997

PP5 P3 SUM 1997

PP5 P4 SUM 1997
Rachel Hoyle’s  article about her Duke of Edinburgh service volunteering – this behind the scenes work experience  for students would blossom in a few years into Cornwall College Newquay. 
PP5 P5 SUM 1997
Rebecca Allen’s designs for Penguin Club Passports and the front covers of our Teacher’s Packs – these packs were vital information in the days before websites. 
PP5 P6 SUM 1997
Stop Press – last minute handwritten update on Births, Deaths, Matches …
PP5 P7 SUM 1997
303 animals – Jon Blount’s useful Curator summary of the Newquay Zoo year 1996. 
PP5 P8 SUM 1997
Young writer and artist Gary Standinger on news of our first group of rare Lemurs – our wonderful Black Lemurs. 

You can see where Gary Standinger drew his inspiration form for his picture, the colourful front cover of our new 1996 Guidebook.

1996 guidebook cover

So that’s Issue 5, a strange concoction of handwritten, drawn or typed on whatever computers at home or work we could lay our hands on.

Blog posted by Mark Norris, Newquay Zoo Archive, 16 October 2016


Cornish Animal Name Trail 2003 and Cornish National Piskey Reserve at Newquay Zoo


Repost of our 5 March (St Piran’s Day) blog post from 2017 about our 2003 Cornish Animal Names Trail and Piskey Reserve.

Happy St. Pirans Day or Gool Peran Lowen!



dragon maze 1991 year of the maze
A Cornish dragon – 1991 map of our 1983 hedge maze – still standing but time has changed the route through slowly!  Blogpost on our maze due shortly…

Blog posted by Mark Norris, (proudly quarter Cornish on my Granny’s side!) Newquay Zoo Archive, St. Piran’s Day, 5th March 2018.


Lions on leaflets at Newquay Zoo


The roar of publicity in 1969 (above) and  1996 …

animal world

How I remember delivering lots of this busy Newquay Animal World morning and afternoon feeding talk timetable c. 1996 …


The lion painted on the Animal World leaflets is probably based on our lion Ross (of 1970s Poldark TV era heritage) who arrived with a female Demelza in the late 1970s from a local St. Columb Major farm as a young lion, donated when the 1977 Dangerous Wild Animals Act came in. Here he is pictured on the back of the 1996 guidebook.

get closer

c. 2012/13 “Get Closer” strapline or slogan, photo stock lion photo …


2015 ”Something to Roar About” (or eat your family at Newquay Zoo)  further developed the “Get Closer” slogan.

What next for our current trio of lions?