1969 My Favourite Zoo Cartoon?

Published in Germany in 1969, the year Newquay Zoo opened – a Good Zoo Year then!

hediger cartoon
Llama and Man cartoon – just love this one! 

Reposted as part of the countdown to our 50th Anniversary 26 May 1969 / 2019.



Hits and Headline News of 1969

1969 CD card outer
One of those Birthday CD Cards for 1969 – top news events for Year of the Rooster and the Apollo Moon Landings 
1969 CD Card inner .jpg
Death, murder, marches and moon landings – The CD Card Company’s breakdown of the American focussed news headlines of 1969. Strangely it fails to mention the good news story May 26 1969 – Opening Day of Newquay Zoo. 
1969 CD Card hits of 1969
A selection of 1969 earworms and whistle tests from the CD Card Company. 

Hopefully these great CD type Cards are around still.

If you don’t find one and  want to check out some of the hits of 1969, check out some of the vintage or heritage music sites like:


Enjoy the 1969 earworms in people’s heads when Newquay Zoo was being built and newly open.

“I’m leaving  on a jet plane / don’t know when I’ll be back again …”

Blog posted as part of our zoo archive  and   count down to the 50th Anniversary of our opening day 26 May 1969 / 2019. https://www.newquayzoo.org.uk/50thanniversary

“Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye …”


A Toddle round Newquay Zoo with Pudsey and Natalie 1997 for Children in Need

Big yellow bear spotted (!) strolling round Newquay Zoo,  October 1997

Another dip into our Newquay Zoo Archive

pudsey Natalie Cornah 1998
Ready to Toddle around Newquay Zoo with Pudsey and Newquay girl Natalie Cornah 1997 and a worried looking Pete Trebilcock Zoo Ops Manager (top right!) wouldn’t you be worried if a big one eyed yellow bear had escaped?

Children In Need 1997 – Pudsey visited the zoo for a Toddle with lots of local children, guided by BBC’s Natalie Cornah, a Newquay girl returning to her home town.

It’s Children in Need 2018 on Friday – time for a topical archive post https://www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/fundraisinghub

pudsey natalie Cornah John McKnelly 1998
Marketing Manager John Macknelly, Natalie Cornah and Pudsey greet young toddlers and visitors Newquay Zoo 1997/8


NZ Pudsey Round Table Toddle 97

From the press cuttings it looks like we did this hold the popular Pudsey Toddle one more time  in 1998.

I recall introducing Natalie to one of the meerkat twins, who may have been either Patch or Zebedee (abandoned in the cold by the others and rescued from gull attack in 1998). They gave Natalie a cheeky little nip on the arm. Whoops!

Never work with children and animals.

toddle 1998

The previous year 1996 the Lions Club of Newquay had a sponsored ‘lunch in the Lion Enclosure’ (thankfully whilst the lions Ross and Lizzie were closed safely inside their inner den). Our trusty old half a stuffed Lion stood in for the photoshoot …

1996 pudsey Toddle
Children in Need, Newquay 1996

So that was Children in Need 1996, 1997 and 1998 … great fun.

No Pudsey toddle 2018?

We aren’t hosting Pudsey this year. Life was a bit simpler regarding charity fundraising in 1997/8. we were privately run then. Things are a little more complicated now, regarding fundraising for other charities if you are a charity yourself,  which Newquay Zoo has been since 2003. We are  part of a conservation and education charity called the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The Round Table and Newquay Lions still continue their great job of fundraising for good causes.

Whatever you do for Children in Need in 2018,  I hope you enjoy it and raise lots of cash! 

Photos and articles reprinted from the Newquay Zoo Archive, as part of our countdown to our 50th anniversary on 26 May 1969 / 2019. https://www.newquayzoo.org.uk/50thanniversary

Newquay Zoo Paw Prints Newsletter No. 7 April May 1998

PP7 P1 April 1998

PP7 P2 April 1998
News of an exciting opening and celebrity visitor, Paw Prints No. 7 or Volume 2 Issue 2

All the news of twenty years ago at Newquay Zoo …

lucy bennetts philip schofield Farm 1998
Lucy Bennetts with Sherbet the Albino Burmese Python and local boy made good Philip Schofield (who went to school with Cheski, keeper Mark Tomaszewski) Village Farm  1998
PP7 P3 April 1998
Yet another award announced – look out for details in Paw Prints No. 8
1998 leonard cheshire home
A memorable day when I met the wonderful residents at the Leonard Cheshire Home with our encounter animals Western Morning News April 1998

PP7 P4 April 1998

Mike Bungard PZ
Mike eventually moved to work with amphibians at the Living Rainforest and at Paignton Zoo. 
PP7 P5 April 1998
Chatting about termites was all part of my job, being an insect keeper as well as a zoo educator …

PP7 P7 April 1998

philip schofield

The Village Farm was (and remains) home to lots of interesting and friendly strokable domestic animals.

1997 encounter rat with Mark Norris
My lovely Encounter rat Rita 1997, Village Farm.  

A barn end exhibit of brown rats rustling through hay bales and old farm tools was one part of the Village Farm display (with a separate wolery for Barn owls above – like living above you favourite restaurant?) Some of the rats were friendly enough to use for animal encounters.

Na Diamo Dafango Ya! – Come and Meet the Animals! (Mandinka African language)

One of the larger items in our archive – Village Farm African Mandinka language sign 1998

For more new Village Farm 1998 pictures –


village farm signage 1998 SP153
More signage from the new Farm area 1998
meerkat twins 1998 paul armiger press photo
I think these are the same Meerkat twins Patch and Zebedee pictured below  in the 1998 Pawprints article (press photo by Paul Armiger, Newquay Zoo Archive) 
PP7 P8 April 1998
Article writer Matt Casey joined us fresh from college with a zoology degree and left a trainee keeper role in the Paignton Zoo documentary The Zoo Keepers to join us at Newquay for a while.

So there you are, a colourful enhanced photo version of the April / May 1998 Paw Prints Newsletter.

Blog Postscript: 

‘Patch and Zebedee’? 

That Meerkat predation by Gulls story on our Old African Plains

meerkat twins seagulls polkinghorne 1998
West Briton 4th June 1998 

meerkat twins seagulls armiger WMN 1998

More on Pudsey and the lovely Philip Schofield in future blogposts …

Paw Prints No. 7 April / May 1998 – Republished or reprinted from the Newquay Zoo Archive by Mark Norris (with added photos and press cuttings from the Newquay Zoo Archive) as we count down towards the Newquay Zoo 50th Birthday 26 May 1969 / 2019 https://www.newquayzoo.org.uk/50thanniversary




Newquay Zoo Paw Prints Newsletter No. 6 January 1998

Paw Prints the Newsletter of Newquay Zoo Officially Volume 2, issue 1 – January 1998 – “Free to all animal adopters”

What was going on in Newquay Zoo in winter 1998 twenty years ago?

PP 6 P1 JAN 1998

Happy New Year 1998!

PP 6 P2 JAN 1998
News of rebuilding projects for 1998

Some of our long-running (1996-97) free ranging Cotton-Top Tamarin research written up for visitors’ benefit.

PP 6 P3 JAN 1998

Paul Armiger photo free range Cotton Top Tamarins c 1996
Paul Armiger’s beautiful picture of a Cotton Top Tamarin and baby (Newquay Zoo Archive) Note the coloured collar tag for ID.



PP 6 P4 JAN 1998

PP 6 P5 JAN 1998


PP 6 P6 JAN 1998.jpg
I remember the Newquay Seventy well and the tremendous public response …
PP 6 P7 JAN 1998
Young people’s  Contemporary Dance in the Zoo was an interesting event February 1998

Dance Agency Cornwall event Feb 98

PP 6 P8 JAN 1998
Visiting other zoos is always a good source of ideas.

Blogposted by Mark Norris, from material in the Newquay Zoo Archive, Newquay Zoo, November 2018 as we countdown to our 50th anniversary on 26 May 2019





Three Zoos in the West Country article by John Tuson – insert to Newquay Zoo Paw Prints Newsletter No. 6 1998

PP 6 Insert Pa crop IZN 408 JAN 1998

PP 6 Insert Pa crop IZN 409 JAN 1998
A useful update on new arrivals in 1997/98

John Tuson had visited Newquay Zoo on several occasions before its change in management brought new life and capital to the Zoo in 1993.

His IZN article was an interesting and positive external or outside eye view of the Newquay Zoo as it changed and redeveloped in the mid 1990s.

John’s  prediction that the Council built Monkey Walk enclosures were tough enough , almost over-engineered,  to  withstand a nuclear blast were thankfully never proved, although a very large chunk of tree did bounce off them in the storms of 2014 leaving the enclosure and inhabitants quite unharmed.

PP 6 Insert Pa crop IZN 410 JAN 1998
A positive conclusion to John Tuson’s IZN article on Newquay Zoo. 1997

John liked us so much that a couple of years later he came to work with us for a year or two, doing a range of education, marketing and animal encounter tasks.  I haven’t seen him for a few years as he moved back into education upcountry. He was a ‘gentleman’ and a pleasure to work with.

Johnny Tuson
John Tuson in action with encounter snakes, Cornish Guardian  December 2000 (Newquay Zoo Archive) 


The final part of the insert was an intro to another colourful character Gary Zammit / McCammick, who joined us in 1997 and is still working with animals locally. I’d forgotten about the broccoli …

PP 6 Insert 2 Pa JAN 1998

august 1998 Gary Mac exotic reptile pets
Gary with another rescued ex-pet reptile, a particular problem in the late 1990s that Gary did lots to educate visitors about. Western Morning News photo, Augusts 11 1998 (Newquay Zoo Archive)  

We shall reprint Newsletter No. 6 shortly.

Blog posted on 1st November 2018 by Mark Norris, Newquay Zoo Archive, Newquay Zoo as part of our countdown to our 50th Birthday on 26 May 1969 / 2019  NZ50



Newquay Zoo Paw Prints Newsletter 5a Winter 1997


PP 5a P1 WIN 1997
News of Ross passing (1975/7 to 1997) on Winter 1997 front cover

Here is our ten page Winter  1997 Paw Prints Newquay Zoo Newsletter, with some added press clippings and photos from our Newquay Zoo archive for a bit of colour.

Cats feature very strongly in this issue from the passing of one long-lived and much loved Lion, the arrival of another and the start of another search for  Big Cats on the Moors.

I am currently compiling a NZ50 TimeLion of photos and information on 50 years of Newquay lions for our 50th Birthday, which will feature on this blog but also on an NZ50  Timeline graphics sign for our anniversary events.

Ross Lizzie by Bernard White nd
Bernard White photo of Ross and Lizzie our resident lions in early 1997 (Newquay Zoo Archive)
PP 5a P2 WIN 1997
Rebuilding but still a while to go on – at least another year – on the Puma Enclosure fundraising.

A celebrity appearance to present another zoo award … and how Craig the girl penguin chick received a boy’s name!!!

Craig Rich 1997 Education awards
Craig the weatherman meets ‘Craig’ the Penguin 1997 (whoops – in reality Craig was a girl penguin chick W1550, still alive 2018)
PP 5a P3 WIN 1997
Who-hoo! – a website! and email  – in 1997!
PP 5a P4 WIN 1997
News of where our Green Monkey group went and a breakdown en route. 1997 and the Animal Rights / Animal Welfare campaign against zoos is still going strong …

PP 5a P5 WIN 1997

News of the arrival of a new Lion Major as company for Lizzie after Ross’ passing. an animal transport that went very smoothly, even if Major’s reception was quite cool at this end by Lizzie.


Major and Lizzie 1997 Local Press B&W

Major 1997 Paul Armiger
Good close up photo by Paul Armiger of the battle scarred Major (1997)
PP 5a P6 WIN 1997
News of arrivals and departures, keeper and animal, from Blue Section 1997


PP 5a P7 WIN 1997
What would become a growing story over the years – exotic big cats loose on the moors.
PP 5a P8 WIN 1997
Contributions about Alec Jeffreys the DNA Scientist and by Newquay’s very own Gary Standinger about a (Penguin Club?) trip to Paignton Zoo – six years later we would become part of the same charitable trust that runs Paignton Zoo.

I wonder where Gary Standinger from our Penguin Club is now? Get in touch Gary, if you’re out there!

Finally news about some 1997/8 redevelopments and rebuilding  in the Village Farm and Tropical House that seem only yesterday …

french farmhouse 1998 SP163
French Farmhouse – Redevelopments of the Village Farm 1997 / 1998 from the Children’s Petting Zoo
greek goat house 1998 SP160
Greek Goat House, Village Farm 1998
vietpig house 1998 SP161
Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs Jack and Danielle Village Farm 1998


PP 5a P10 WIN 1997
Rough sketches of redesigning the inside of the Tropical House
Gary Macacmmick Mark Norris Dino Iguana
Gary in his  famous iguana proof leather jacket, Dino the friendliest iguana I’ve ever met, lots of Dino fans and a younger Mark Norris in Zoo T-shirt uniform. Animal encounter, rebuilt Village Farm, summer 1997 (Newquay Zoo Archive , photo from Facebook by Katie Pound) 
PP 5a P9 WIN 1997
A glimpse into the Minibeasts Room of the Tropical House, some of which creatures I brought back from various other zoos.


Blog posted or reprinted by Mark Norris, from our Newquay Zoo Archive, Newquay Zoo, on 30 October 2018 as part of our countdown to our NZ50 50th birthday events. https://www.newquayzoo.org.uk/50thanniversary