Building the Monkey Walk c. 1985

The Newquay Zoo Monkey Walk enclosures – Then and Now.

Incub Room Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock
Photographs from the collection of Peter Trebilcock Newquay Zoo Keeper and Ops Manager 1970s – c.2000


The Incubation Room (Keepers Office) and Monkey Walk, same scene 30+ years later in 2018.


As part of our ongoing public appeal for photos of the changing and developing Newquay Zoo ahead of our 50th Anniversary in May 2019,  it was great to receive a little packet of photos from Peter Trebilcock. Peter was a  Newquay Zoo Keeper from the late 1970s and later, by the time I knew him, he was  Site and  Operations Manager  up to about the year 2000.

Somewhere I have a photograph of Peter Trebilcock in keeper action to post here.

They were passed to Peter by a mysterious someone called ‘Richard’, dropped in to be scanned and were returned to Peter the same day! Thanks both!

Obviously taken in Winter as building staff are well wrapped up and there are no leaves on the trees.

Crop 1 Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock 2
Constructing the one of the three inside house sections


The middle one of the Monkey Walk inside houses – 2018 


Crop 2 interior Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock 2
Inside the Monkey Walk inside house, looking out onto the white Trellis posts that still  form part of the Wildlife at Night house.


Surviving white Monkey Walk hard wood posts along the Nocturnal House area (2018).  


crop interior 3 Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock 2
Monkey’s eye view, inside looking out: Branching inside the Monkey Walk outside enclosures, looking on to the public viewing areas.


Crop 7 interior Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock
Inside area of the Monkey Walk being built in winter. Coats on!


Crop 10 interior popholes Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock 3
Another Monkey’s eye view inside the animal houses showing popholes for  slider door animal access.


Crop 4 digger Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock 2
Building the  indoors section of a Monkey Walk  animal house.


Monkey Walk 30+ years later with the external enclosure area mesh in place. 


crop 5 Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock
Indoor houses ready for glazing and painting, before the outside metal work frame of the enclosures went on.


crop 8 Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock
The end wall of the Staff working room, known as the Incubation Room. Now home to keeper records, Curator and Head Keeper offices.


Crop 9 ext wall Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock 3
Before the big high fences – In the Car Park looking at the new Monkey Walk house walls being built.


The Monkey Walk from the Car Park same scene 30+ years later, the blocks now covered with solar panels (2018).   


Crop 11 exterior Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock 3


Crop 6 tree Monkey Walk via Richard Pete Trebilcock
Building the Monkey Walk c.1985



The completed Monkey Walk 30+ years later with the shade of the wooden trellis (2018)  

1989 Childrens Guide Monkey walk

The pages of the Children’s Guide to Newquay Zoo 1989 show which three families of large Monkeys – Diana, Green and Capuchin monkeys – were around in the early days of this rebuilt Monkey Walk enclosure. The black star shows which monkeys were considered rare in the mid 1980s.

In the 1990s this Monkey Walk housed a trio of rare African monkey families – Diana, Monkeys, Colobus Monkeys and Sooty Mangabeys.

Today 2018 these enclosures are occupied by two types of rare Capuchin Monkey (white Fronted and Yellow Breasted) and a group of Common Squirrel Monkeys.




Old Monkey walk and Tropical House children's zoo 69 EL
1969 – Looking down past the first Tropical House along the first Monkey Walk white trellis, opening day 1969 (pic Newquay Zoo Archive / Ernie Littlefield) 

I will add older 1969 pictures of the original Monkey Walk as they emerge from our Archive.


There you go, a little snippet of Newquay Zoo history – hopefully more of these small bundles of pictures  should turn up from visitor and staff albums over the countdown to the Newquay Zoo 50th anniversary on May 26 2019.

Talking Heads Up

On Saturday July 7th and Wednesday July 11th 2018 we will be video recording the first of our talking heads interviews / short chats with past and present staff and visitors as we count down toward NZ50 in May 2019. Still a few spaces available.

If you would like to share your memories in this or any other way,  contact Mark Norris or Rebecca Blake at Newquay Zoo. We would love to hear from you.

Phone number: 01637 873342   or in old money “Newquay 3342”


Blog post on 28th June 2018 by Mark Norris, using Newquay Zoo Archive material.
















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