Newquay Zoo Wedding 2018

Congratulations to long serving Newquay Zoo Keeper Mark Tomaszewski  (‘Cheski’) on his marriage to Claire Organ.

Cheski joined us as a Keeper in our Council Zoo days c. 1982/3.

Claire is a former Newquay Zoo staff member and volunteer, early member of   Penguin Club c. 1990s and one of the first cohort of Cornwall College Newquay students when it opened in 2000.

I dug out a couple of younger pictures of Cheski and Claire from our Zoo Archive:

Claire Organ bugs 1999
Claire Organ at a Newquay Zoo Bugs event c. 1998-2000


photos MN Claire Organ Mike Kent 2001
Cornish Guardian photos January 2001



Cheski lemur
Cheski pictured in Mike Thomas’ zoo memoir, Strange Things Happened On My Way to The Zoo.


Cheski (centre stage) in the “keepers choir” (Christmas 2001?) Newquay Zoo.

Our very best wishes from all the Newquay Zoo staff past and present on your wedding and your future happiness!

Posted by Mark Norris, Newquay Zoo Archive, 26 April 2018





Author: worldwarzoogardener1939

World war zoo gardener and zoo educator at Newquay Zoo Cornwall UK

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