Newquay Zoo Vans


We’ve had some bashed zoo vans in the past but nothing as dinky or as elegant as these two.

Classic Cars Newquay Zoo logo van

I picked these up secondhand as part of my Newquay Zoo memorabilia. I have no idea whether these were ever sold in the Newquay Zoo shop.

One of these is mentioned as a “Code 3 not finished by the Manufacture” so whether this model is an special edition or not, I do not know.

Both vans feature our old zoo logos, the Classic Cars one with the logo used before 2003 and then the newer zebra logo from 2003/4 onwards.


Attractively packaged Lledo Newquay Zoo van

I have driven a few of the zoo vehicles over many years.

We have featured our full size Newquay Zoo vans once on a blogpost before

and this 2012 zoo website story (a past marketing story) about design wrapping our zoo van inspiring a local taxi firm.


Blogposted by Mark Norris, Newquay Zoo Archive 28 February 2018.