Newquay Old Cornwall Society – Newquay Zoo news timeline 1985 to 1998

Newquay Zoo News Timeline

This timeline is based on the Chronicle page of the Newquay Old Cornwall Society NOCS website

I have typed out the relevant zoo entries, compiled it appears from newspapers. This covers a useful gap in the Zoo’s press cuttings archive which only really exists in any detail from about 1994/5 onwards.
Jan 1985 Snow storms severe
May 1985 Bank Holiday weather a washout May 1985 8 foot Boa Constrictor stolen
May 1985 Zoo denies Animal Rights complaints re Conditions.
October 1985 Zoo Python found in phone box

Jan 1987 – Snow
April 1987 – Cosy Nook and café complex should be sold
April 1987 £150,000 development at Zoo
July 1987 New Tropical House and Education Centre opened
October 1987 – Zoo record net profit £52,000

August 1991 Humboldt Penguin born

June 1992 Zoo baby Boom
December 1992 – Zoo in danger from starling flocks
Dec 1992 – Zoo – Council to sell?

February 1993 Zoo starling flocks gone?
April 1993 Animal World New name for Newquay Zoo
July 1993 Sea Life Centre to be built on Towan Prom
September 1993 – 12 prairie dogs arrive

December  news papers increasingly saw a zoo animal births of the year round up article.
Jan 1994 Sea Life Centre Foundation stone laid
March 1994 Animal World article / zoo article in Guardian
April 1994 – 3 Humboldt penguins born named Wet Wild Windy (Wild did not live very long)
April 1994 – Animal World extends hospital facilities
June 1994 – Sea Life Centre official opening
June 1994 – Zoo beats gull menace
December 1994 – Animal World baby boom
December 1994 – Zoo baby boom
December 1994 – Nativity Play with Live animals

January 1995 – Chunky Himalayan Bear put to sleep aged 28
March 1995 – Animal World python laid approx. 30 eggs
March 1995 zoo Diana Monkey baby born
March 1995 – Animal Rights Group peaceful protest march
June 1995 – Zoo News
August 1995 / April 1996 – Newquay University on the short list
Sept 1995 Animal encounter Sessions
Nov 1995 Animal World has oldest lady visitor 102 years old
Dec 1995 – New Arrivals

Around 1996 our own zoo press cuttings archive is better estableished so we can link these stories to ones in our archive much better.
Feb 1996 Trenance Pavilion near zoo – Council invite tenders
February 1996 Cream Coloured Asian otter born (named Cinnamon)
April 1996 – 2 meerkats and 2 tamarin monkeys born
April 1996 – P439enguin Chick hatched, Tapir acquired
August 1996 – Third Top award
Oct 1996 – Macaw born and reared
November 1996 Zoo spooky fun 1
Jan 1997 Chernobyl children in Cornwall (visited zoo)
Jan 1997 Hedgehog Hospital
May 1997 – Gulls declared war upon at Zoo
June 1997 – Tiles sold for Puma Enclosure
June 1997 – Craig Rich the SW TV weatherman meets Craig the penguin
August 1997 Zoo Feature and pics
October 1997 – Lion Ross put down
October 1997 – Round Table Toddle
October 1997 – 4 meerkat babies
October 1997 – Ross replaced and Zoo Feature
Jan 1998 – Black Created macaque born
Jan 1998 – Major storm damage
Feb 1998 – Wild and Whacky Workshop
April 1998 – Meerkat babies
(NOCS Timeline ends July 1998, created in November 2011 NOCs)



Author: worldwarzoogardener1939

World war zoo gardener and zoo educator at Newquay Zoo Cornwall UK

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