Newquay Zoo Fossas 2003 to 2017


Newly arrived Fossa, our cover animal for the 2003/4 Newquay Zoo Guidebook.


Whoops! We forgot to do a Newquay Zoo history blog post in August and September 2017, so here is another passing bit of Newquay Zoo history to enjoy.

A busy few months. So here is the August blog post in October.

This month’s photo shows the new 2017 sign on the old small 1970/1 African Lion House at Newquay Zoo.

This enclosure also once housed rescued Pumas Shane and Tina (1990s) and then from 2003,  a pair of rare Madagascan Fossas called Mavis and Harry, pictured on our 2003/4 Guidebook.

The Fossas were named after local early adoptors Mavis and Harry Everitt. Their baby Litle Geoff was born 2007 (named after staff member the late Geoff Gerry) and later went off on breeding loan to a zoo in Poland.

Mavis died a year or two ago. The ageing Harry patiently waited for a suitable female to become available somewhere in the UK or Europe  – then a new host zoo and prospective partner turned up in the U.A.E.

Harry left Newquay Zoo on April 7th, 2017.

We are told that  Harry  has settled well into his new zoo and some of the pictures of him settling in  are used on our  colourful temporary sign “Bye Bye Harry!”

The near 50 year old enclosure is currently empty, awaiting redevelopment over time as funds become available. Watch this space.

Another little snippet of Newquay Zoo history.

Posted by Mark Norris, Newquay Zoo History blog, August / October 2017.


Author: worldwarzoogardener1939

World war zoo gardener and zoo educator at Newquay Zoo Cornwall UK

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